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Quality Stockfeeders

100% New Zealand made

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What farmer doesn’t need simple, low cost and efficient feeding systems?

Why use stock feeders?

Livestock farming is dependent on conserved feed as part of the annual cycle. A centuries-old European feeding system – used to stop a few cows wasting their hay in a barn – has been adapted by AgBrand to service today’s large herds.

In fact, the first AgBrand feeder was inspired by the despair of a farmer when he saw how much of his quality lucerne hay was wasted when just tossed over a fence.

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What are the Benefits?

  • Less wastage
  • Increased stock growth-rates.
  • Less time and labour during feeding out
  • Improved Profits

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  • Units are available to suit all requirements.
  • Readily adaptable to several uses.
  • Strong and durable.

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