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Otupae Station


Andrew Bury

Agbrands Gear: 6x C6 Standard feeders (10+ years old) 7x C6 Standard Pinned Feeders.

We were feeding out every day with a wagon but are now filling the Agbrand stocks feeders Monday Wednesday & Friday. This system has reduced tractor time. It has also reduced the wastage of hay. Large months would get drodeen into the ground or the cattle would lay on it.

We use the stocks feeders when break feeding kale and swede and supplement the bales. We also use the stock feeders in Autumn for weening. We feed the cattle in the yards around a stock feeder. This settles them and makes them more social.

We have also tried both other brands of stock feeders on the market which have both lasted 2years. We have now gone back to Agbrands as the quality and durability is superior and we get at least 10 years.

Totara Hills

Tikokino, Hawke’s Bay

Mike Rittson-Thomas

Agbrands Gear: 2x Jumbo Feeders (20+ years old) 2x C5 Standard Bolted Feeders.

We purchased our first Agbrands stock feeders 20+ years ago – they are still being used to this day.
We use the feeders when break feeding our stock over the winter months and feed them balls of hay and Silage for added fibre.

“We like the quality and durability of the feeders. “

“We used to feed out with mechanical bale feeders every day. The Agbrands feed system allows refilling every second day. This saving us labour and machinery cost.”

“A good product that lasts.”